Monday, 22 September 2014

Listening For Light

Karen K. Russell, for as long as 20 years, has recorded lessons uncovered to her by seven Angels, instructors who offer recharged confidence, trust and direction. The new book, Listening For Light, is an accumulation of day by day persuasions chose from this work. Mulling over them will change your life from a way of stones to a Path Of Stars.

This first release (2013) of Listening For Light is currently accessible in soft cover and in digital book position.

Karen K. Russell: "The petition to God works started in 1989 in Caux, Switzerland, high on a green peak, in a royal residence where I was going to a global peace meeting. Nineteen separate dialects were being simulcast, the Berlin Wall had recently fallen, old abhorrences were being broken up, peace was being conceived between adversaries. I had no clue why I was there, obviously, however I had been "guided" to take a swing at around then."